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Mintos Overview


Mintos is the leading P2P lending platform based out of Latvia. It allows you to invest in personal loans around the world and enables you to achieve global diversification.

Choose loans from different loan originators and diversify your assets and protect them with their buyback guarantee for certain loans.

Loan Types

Mintos offers a multitude of loan types. You can choose from Agricultural Loans over Business Loans, to Mortgage and Personal loans according to your preference and diversification targets.

You can find my current allocation in the chart and learn more about the different Loan Types offered using the link below.

Countries I am Invested
Additional Investments available on Mintos
Geographic Diversification

The Mintos Platform offers outstanding geographical coverage for potential investors. Loans are available in 5 continents around the world, thanks to the cooperation between Mintos and regional loan providers.

Not all loan types are available in every country, but you can find my personal investments (covered by the Mintos Buyback Guarantee / Obligation) highlighted on the map. You can learn more about the buyback guarantee using the link below.


I personally invest in Mintos and the links provided to the platform are affiliate links for the Mintos Refer-a-Friend Program. If you decide to invest using this platform you and I will get a bonus depending on the initial deposit when funding the account.

Investing in peer-to-peer assets opens you up to different risks associated with the platforms and the loans themselves. I personally, only invest a very small amount of my total portfolio into P2P Loans for diversification into another asset class.