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Dividend Weekly 07-2022

Personal and Blog Recap

This marks already the 7th installment of the weekly series and I’d love to hear your feedback on if you like the series and what sections may provide the most value to you: the readers! Personally, I am very happy as it allows me to share thoughts and smaller items bundled up with what you’re here for Dividend and Stock market news.

Outside of blog news, this week I decided to discontinue my venture into Peer to Peer loans. After the latest developments/actions from lenders of the Mintos platform, I am now in the process to stop any further investments and pull the money from the platform over the next couple of years (one of the biggest downsides of P2P).

I’m looking to share my lessons on Peer to Peer investments and a full breakdown of the statistics over the next couple of weeks.

Portfolio Updates

In the following section, I will outline all transactions in my brokerage accounts as well as cover relevant news around my holdings with the goal of keeping my portfolio as transparent as possible.

Dividends Received

In the week starting February 14 2022 I received dividends and distributions from the following holdings:

AbbVie Inc (NYSE: ABBV)

Air Products & Chemicals Inc (NYSE: APD)

Allied Properties REIT (TSE: AP.UN)

Canadian Apartment REIT (TSE: CAR.UN)

Emera Inc (TSE: EMA)

Granite REIT (TSE: GRT.UN)

First National Financial Corporation (TSE: FN)

Procter and Gamble Inc (NYSE: PG)

Realty Income Corporation (NYSE: O)

With the Dividends received from the positions listed above, I am now above the benchmark of dividends and distributions received from February 2021. With Dividends from at least Starbucks and TransAlta Renewables yet to come I should be able to report a very satisfying year-over-year growth in the first update of March 2022.

Buy and Sell Orders

On February 16, I initiated a new position in TMX Group (TSE: X) in my TFSA.

Operators of Stock exchanges such as Nasdaq Group (NASDAQ: NDAQ) and Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE) have been on my watchlist for quite a while now. After having positions in the insurance, banking, and payment processors industries within the financial sector, it was about time to add an exchange operator.

TMX Group has been steadily increasing its dividend since 2016 and fits my profile of a dividend growth stock, with the latest increase having been announced on February 7th. A solid 8% increase.

The company focuses on four fairly equal-weighted business sectors providing Insights & Analytics, Derivatives Trading & Clearing, Equities and Fixed Income Trading & Clearing as well as Capital Formation. To learn more about the different business units, visit the TMX Group Investor Relations website.

Holding News

Another week, another two dividend increase announcements adding up to 11 dividend increases for my portfolio in this year alone. (Note: this does not include the above-mentioned TMX Group increase, as I didn’t own a position when it was announced).

On February 15th, Restaurants Brands International (TSE: QSR / NYSE: QSR) announced a symbolic raise of 0.01$ per quarter. The owners and operators of fast-food chains such as Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes didn’t bless shareholders this year and the position is definitely on my list of positions to review in the future. I acknowledge that companies in the space have struggled with the pandemic, but comparing the increases to competitors like McDonald's at a high level does not make for a favorable comparison for Restaurants Brands International.

The second announcement of the week came from the technology stock Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO). The company most known for its network technology and equipment increased the dividend by 2.7%, which is still below the inflation line but doesn’t immediately raise a red flag for me at first glance. However, looking into raises in past years, you can see it has become a pattern for the company to increase the dividend by 0.01$ for the payout in March to keep its status as a dividend growth stock (sound familiar?). Though I am happy that wasn’t the case this year, it is noted as a somewhat risk against my strategy.

Overall, not a great week for my holdings as both stocks need to be reviewed further. Buy and Hold only brings you so far; it’s also important to check your holdings for performance updates to make sure they still fit your criteria and can be a catalyst to reach your goals.

Reads from the Community

Over the course of the week, I had a chance to read a lot of articles from the investing community. Below you can find some of my favorite posts and/or videos throughout the week.

In ‘3M: This Dividend King Is A Train Wreck’, Charles, the author of Financial Freedom Is A Journey, takes a deep look at the beaten-down industrial stock 3M (NYSE: MMM). Between litigation and legal proceedings and massive stock buybacks over the last couple of years, the company is in a rough spot with a questionable future. I highly recommend their thorough analysis regardless of whether you are a shareholder or not.

Check back next week for more reads from the personal finance and investing community!

Closing Words

I hope you enjoyed reading through some of these insights into my personal life and portfolio.

I invite you to share your opinions or feedback regarding the series. Are you missing anything? Is there another topic you’d like to see covered? Let me know in the comments below!

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