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2020 - Let's get this show on the road

The last couple years have been challenging. The most recent chapter of my life started with moving across the Atlantic Ocean from Germany to Canada in late 2017. While the fair and transparent Permanent Resident program made it a long but easy process to immigrate, I can't say the same for getting settled. 

I expected some challenges along the way but reflecting on my move I have to say that I faced a bit more than I bargained for. There's a lot of differences between Germany and Canada. I found myself learning about the healthcare system, credit scores and how applications and interview processes differ between Europe and North America. During this process I had to think a lot about my career. Unable to pick my career up where I left off in Germany was a big blow, but 2 years later I'm where I want to be. 

During this time there was a lot of change. New places, new jobs and a huge new city - but one of the consistencies which stayed with me was my urge to improve my financial literacy and learn about investing. I used a lot of spare time between applying for jobs and exploring my new home reading books and other sources to boost my knowledge of stock markets. After considering a few different avenues, the strategy I felt was right for me was dividend growth investing. This strategy gave me a sense of stability through monthly or quarterly rewards of my research and a transparent view into my progress. 

I created this blog to share my story, thoughts and learnings throughout this journey. Once launched, I plan to deliver at least 2 posts a week starting Sunday with my first series, Dividend Weekly.

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