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January 2020 Update

Personal Recap

After spending much of January getting this blog up and running, I’m excited to share my first monthly update of 2020. To give an idea of how much work went into launching, the below visualizes my daily code contributions to getting it set up:

I strongly believe that even small contributions and improvements keep you in the game. I set the goal to contribute and enhance the blog every single day in January. I didn’t quite make it but I’m still very happy with the progress. As someone new to coding a blog from scratch, JustDjango was a great resource that helped me through the process a lot.


Financial Recap

January was a great month for me from a financial perspective. My year over year dividends and distributions received increased by a stunning 34.1%. The power of compound interest never ceases to amaze so needless to say I’m happy with my strategy of reinvesting my dividends. Also, while I did add more capital to my portfolio throughout 2019, I can say with confidence that it was not the sole reason for the year over year increase. My stock selections did not disappoint.

Stock Transactions

Buy Orders

In January, I added a few new positions to my portfolio: I initiated a position in TransAlta Renewables Inc (RNW) to diversify within the Utility sector. Based on its track record, RNW will offer some great growth and dividend yield. Although I did end up buying at near all-time high pricing, I feel like the mix of renewable energy and natural gas offers a solid future outlook. As the stock is focused on North America and Australia it gives me diversified exposure from a territorial perspective. In addition, I added shares of Visa (V) and Mastercard (MA) to my holdings. Both companies offer dividend growth and experienced some solid capital appreciation over the last few years. Judging from my over-exposure on bank stocks in the Financial sector, I wanted to add stocks that offer me an entry into credit services and cashless payment systems. After immigrating to Canada, I learned how important Credit Cards and Credit Scores are in North America, and with cashless payment on the rise, I see both stocks as great long-term plays supported by solid financial fundamentals.

Sell Orders

In January I closed my position in Blackrock (BLK). Overall I reallocated the money from this sale to switch into Visa (V) and Mastercard (MA). In the long run, I think the asset manager Blackrock has some upside and is a great play if the stock price ever drops (if we observe a bear market), but I saw Visa and Mastercard as the safer bet for my lineup.

Closing Words

If you enjoyed reading through some of these insights into my portfolio - stay tuned! I’m currently working on sharing my portfolio and sector allocation numbers in another section of the blog. How did your January go? I am always eager to see any thoughtful comments, opinions, and experiences.

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jimmbboe Feb. 6, 2020, 9:40 p.m.

Opened a Questrade TFSA and started positions in BEP.UN and EMA. Always interested in others updates. Keeps me moving!!

Just-Dividends Feb. 7, 2020, 9:56 a.m.

Good job Jimmbboe, taking the first step is the hardest part of the journey. From now on you're setup and will learn on the way. Picking two stocks from the utility sector is a great choice for instant dividend yield in a very regulated sector.

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