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September 2020 Update

Personal and Blog Recap

I feel like September flew by - between enjoying the last few days of late summer weather and work picking up with new clients and projects, it’s been super busy. Nevertheless, I want to get back into building the blog and have so much planned for months to come.

The blog has been very light on the content-side over the last couple of months but I want to try to prepare myself better for the months to come. While not being gifted with a talent to write and English being my second language, it can sometimes feel tough to finish thoughts and write great posts. However, interacting with you, the readers, drives me to improve and motivates me to become better.

From a tech-perspective, the blog has been mostly the same throughout September. I implemented a few minor under-the-hood changes for SEO leading to increased traffic. I’m a nerd when it comes to statistics so seeing that even minor improvements can lead to a growth in readership is fulfilling to me.

As a quick sneak-peek into October, I’m planning to review at least one more company from my portfolio or watchlist. If you have any wishes or suggestions please let me know using the comment section below (or any other social channel).

Financial Recap


Boom ~ we are back on track and better than ever! I was wondering if I could achieve a new all-time high in September after the small disappointment during August, but with a stunning 30.4% year-over-year growth I managed to reach new heights.

I can’t express how happy I am with the progress and October should be the month where YTD I pass the total of dividends and distributions received in 2019, meaning a share of October along with all earnings in November and December is all pure income growth.

Though the funds of one of the loan originators are currently in recovery, my loan portfolio is working as expected and yielding acceptable returns. Currently, the loan portfolio makes up for a little over 2% of my investments and I’d like to bring it up to 5% eventually by adding small amounts every paycheck, but as of now, it’s in a good place.

I’m wary of the months to come with the second wave forcing countries into economic shutdowns again but am hopeful for the long term.

Stock Transactions

Buy Orders

My buy orders in September were focused on technology outside of just the Tech sector. I added shares for Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) and Stryker (NYSE: SKY). Both companies are main-suppliers of devices and technology in the healthcare sector and diversify my current healthcare allocation away from solely drug manufacturers.

Diversifying within certain sectors has been one of my focus points this year and I will continue to do so in the future to manage my risk profile. Within the healthcare sector specifically, drug manufacturers tend to be impacted by their R&D and drug pipelines while providers of medical devices have a more stable and predictable business model.

Going away from my usual practice of just one by per pay period, I placed a third buy order using the excess money from dividend payments in my brokerage account. With this order, I added to my Verizon (NYSE: VZ) position. After analyzing Bell Canada earlier this year, I wanted to add to my holdings in the Telecommunication sector in preparation for 5G as well as profiting from the shift to remote work, which will lead to increased demand for internet services.

Moreover, it’s a great sector if you look to add some high yielding positions to your portfolio, but be aware of the low growth and high debt as some of the major risk factors for companies in this area. Personally, telecommunications is currently at the bottom of my sector allocation, but while growth may be minimal I appreciate the current yield it adds to the portfolio.

Sell Orders

I did not place any sell orders in September, after selling my position in BP in late August.

Here’s to hoping my sell orders stay at a minimum and that we have seen all dividend suspensions or cuts for 2020, surviving the second wave of the virus and avoiding devastating damage to local and global economies.

Closing Words

I hope you enjoyed reading through some of these insights into my personal life and portfolio. What were your major milestones and accomplishments in September?

I would love to see you share your opinions of, thoughts on, and/or experiences with dividend growth investing in the comments below as well as any topics you might like to see me explore!

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